A majestic relic


The Bennet School for Girls in Millbrook NY was once a building of classic beauty known as Halcyon Hall. Although she has been ravaged by time she continues to live on among those who appreciate her heritage and once majestic existence.
"Within the halls of Bennett it is still an era of floor-length dresses, horseback riding, bonnets, and the long forgotten art of the curtsy. The very fibers of the decaying wood walls excrete these ideals, and cast them in long shadows across the debris covered floors. The smell of lavender and the sound of softly played piano are almost expected, even in the damp and the dark, which have so gently replaced them." Anon
"Someone once loved this building, its every crevice and ornamental element... To be speechless in its presence and teary-eyed at its slow and magnificent demise…, it is never enough, it rips away at your thoughts, haunts your dreams… to close the doors and stand where others have stood, to walk the hallways of those who once called this building home, to trace the contours with your fingers and to feel the crumbling plaster break away from walls and land like the pitter-patter of gentle rain… Such care was taken in its construction and creation, such painstaking passion, that often ten, twenty, even thirty years after closing and shuttering, quietly on the horizon this building will stand, awaiting its next visitor."Anon 
May the heart of this great beauty live on forever. 

We give thanks to those brave explorers who ventured the sagging floors of this crumbling mansion to create and share their digital masterpieces with the world. We invite our readers to venture within for it is on this website that we collate their history. 

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